About RHSS

About Rahmania HSS

Rahmania school for handicapped was established in 1973 under the management of Association for Welfare of Handicapped(AWH) is the only one of it's kind in the state since it cateres differently abled children in our scociety. The school focuses on all-round development of the children providing them with educational and vocational rehabilitation and has a proud record of four decades. Higher secondary section became a part of this school from 1998 with eight batches.


Our school follows a curriculum proposed by the Governtment of kerala.It emphasis on the multitalents of students and the accademic excellence.We ensure the atmosphere for the students to bring out their talents and to mould them into a good humanbeing by all means.

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Co-Curricular Activities

The school,since it's very birth,keeps a very high quality and enthusiastic milestones of achievements in the district.It has the rare distinction of having a largest number of students appearing for H.S.E examination with 93% or above result since it's inception. Regular time classes begins with a well scheduled time table which is prepared giving due consideration and balance for curricular and co-curricular activities.

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the sports festival of rahmania

School athletic meet is conducted every year.The sports programme is named as "VEGAM".Students used to participate in subdistrict,state and national level competition and prove the excellence of Rahmania school.

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the Arts festival of rahmania

The school arts festival is held every year which enhances the multiple intelligents in each student.The programme is held with the caption "NIRAVU".The progammes for school,H.S.S,V.H.S.S will be conducted with immense pleasure and support of students,parents and teachers.

National Service Scheme

The school has a very efficient and remarked NSS Unit, which is one of the best among the other units in district

Other Clubs and Groups

Science club, Commerce club, Social science club, English club, Sangatham sargavedi, Jagratha samithi, Charity Club, School Parliament, School Resonance group